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What "Them" Words Mean

What "Them" Words Mean

Coffee expressions:

  • Blackjack – very strong coffee
  • Norwegian coffee – coffee with an egg in it
  • Cowboy coffee – boiled coffee
  • Strong enough to walk - strong flavored coffee
  • Black coffee – naked, stark naked, barefooted
  • With milk/cream – socks on, seasoned
  • Boston coffee – half cream, half coffee

Other names for coffee:

  • Six-shooter skink
  • Float a horse
  • Brown Gargle
  • Jamoka
  • Arbuckle's

Other names for weak coffee:

  • Weak Coffee:
  • Black water
  • Coffee water
  • Pond water
  • Branch water
  • Stump water

Coffee types and definitions:

  • SHB - Strictly Hard Bean, a quality and altitude spec from Costa Rica and Guatemala, usually meaning that the coffee has been grown above 1,200 meters above sea level (MASL), usually a denser and higher-quality bean than the HB (Hard Bean) classification.
  • SHG - Strictly High Grown, a quality and altitude spec from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Panama, meaning that the coffee was grown above 1,200 meters above sea level (MASL) and connoting a denser, higher-quality bean than the HG (High Grown) classification.
  • Robusta - Robusta beans tend to be smaller and more bitter. Robusta trees are "robust", meaning they are less susceptible to pests and disease and yield more coffee crop. Coffea Canephora is the dominant coffee species grown at low elevations due to its ability to resist pests and disease. 
  • A/X = A coffee grade for New Guinea coffees, indicating mixed screen size, and a defect specification of up to 10 full defects (primary & secondary) per 350 grams of coffee.
  • EP - Abbreviation for "European Prep," which indicates the coffee has undergone rigorous sorting - usually by hand, though increasingly via optical sorters.
  • UTZ - A sustainability certification for coffee, cocoa, and tea.
  • RFA -Short for Rainforest Alliance, a certification and organization that supports biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods.
  • Swiss Water Process - A non-toxic/non-chemical decaffeination process that uses carbon filters and water to remove 99.9% of caffeine from unroasted coffee.
  • FT - Abbreviation for Fair Trade
  • Natural - A processing method that involves letting the coffee seed ferment inside the cherry before dry milling. Also called "dry" or "unwashed" process.